The Engelmann Foundation offers two grant opportunities: Conference Grants and General Grants.

Conference Grants are tailored to provide funds to attend the annual National Direct Instruction Conference hosted by the National Institute for Direct Instruction in Eugene, Oregon each July.

General Grants are designed to support projects, training and development, implementation and other similar endeavors that utilize Direct Instruction (DI) programs.

Application Deadlines:
Both grant application types operate on a twice yearly deadline schedule. The deadlines for submitting applications are 5:00pm PDT June 1st and December 1st (or the following Monday should the deadline fall on a Saturday or Sunday). It should be noted that while applications are accepted on an on-going basis, applications will be held for consideration until the next grant cycle deadline. For example, if you submit an application on January 25th, your application will be reviewed by the board following the June 1st deadline.

Applicants will receive email notification confirming the receipt of their grant applications.

All applicants will receive notification regarding final funding decisions within 30 days of the grant cycle deadline. If your funding request has been approved, you will receive a Grant Notification Letter stating the terms of your grant.

Terms of Engelmann Foundation Grants:
In addition to any terms outlined in your Grant Notification Letter, grant recipients must agree to provide the Foundation photos and/or videos from the funded project, along with a summary of results.

Release of Funds:
Funds for successful grant requests are released after the Grant Notification Letter is signed and returned to the Engelmann Foundation.



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